Squid Payments

sQuid is an online payment system that has to be used to make a variety of school payments rather than you or your child having to bring cash into school.

This needs to be used to pay for things such as lunch, school trips & offers.

Why you need to get a sQuid account?
• Quick online payments with the option to store payment card details for even faster payments 
• Easy-to-use, 24/7, online customer portal
• View transaction history online
• Account updates and payment confirmation via email
• Dedicated customer service team
• No more writing cheques or sending cash to school

Squid step by step for registering and ordering a school meal.

The Squid application is a way of booking and paying for your preferred lunch meals for your children and paying for them. It is also used to pay for any trips.

If you have never had an account before you should will need two sets of numbers:

  • First go to https://portal.squidcard.com/LoginPortal/
  • Click on Create an account
  • Fill in all the details and press register
  • You will get an email to activate your account, there will be a blue link in the email click on it
  • Then Log in with your email address and the password that you created.
  • It will then ask you to put in the registration number( which you can get from the school office)
  • They will ask you to put your CVV number in. ( which you can get from the school office)
  • Your child will now be linked to your account.
  • After you have paid for the meal you must book your preferred meal every day.
  • To book your meal go to the menu and go down to meal order
  • A calendar will appear, click on each day and book your preferred meal.
  • If you don’t book then your child will not get the meal they want.

This is VERY important for you to do or it will result in your child not having their preferred meal choice.

Can I also let you know and advise you, that even if you get Free school meals, you still need to book. This is very important.


To clarify the band system if your child gets a:

RED BAND – Halal

GREEN BAND – Non Halal and Vegetarian

YELLOW BAND – Is the children whose parents have not booked a meal and the child does not get a choice of meals.

Download the sQuid App now
The sQuid App is free to download on iOS and Android devices and provides a quicker, more convenient way to access, manage and top up your online sQuid account.

To download the sQuid App on iOS and Android devices, search for ‘sQuidcard’ in the relevant stores.